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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  January 17, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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we reported on redmap and how it relates to this scheme as well. i min issue finished up that se shouting by saying hey beltway wake up. this is not the kind of change that should happen quietly until we don't notice until it is all over. and today i'm happy to report, it is starting to get some pick up. so far it is in the lefty feed thea. but the pick up is starting both think progress and talking points memo have are picked up the story today. 7 pennsylvania republicans have introduced location to enact the redmap scheme for the election in their state in time for 2016. the state's republican governor
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and majority leader in the senate have said that they support that idea or pennsylvania. the beltway is fix sated on election process. in the meantime if you want to look into it yourself we have built a toolkit on our website. thank you for being with us tonight. >> this is common sense. this conversation is long overdue. there is no reason we can't do
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this. all out panic from the right wing. president has this king complex. nothing he is propose iing woul have prevented connecticut. >> what the bheep ble[ bleep ] doing? >> the nra has the fight of the century. >> those are crazy people. >> it wasn't about the president's daughters. >> of course it was he mentioned the president's kids. that is so crazy. they are never going to get middle america and they are going to lose this debate.
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>> today the obama administration took it's campaign outside the white house. >> i know as well as anyone having written the first assault weapons ban that the industry will do whatever they can to get around it a and they will find a way. but it can get around it. but i also know we have to try. >> at the u.s. conference of mayors vice-president biden made the case for him limits on clips. >> the assailant had a 100 clip magazine. now had his weapon not jammed, got knows how many more people would have been killed.
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in newtown, some of those children were riddled with #11 bullet holes in a first grader. high-capacity magazines are our view are not worth the risk [ applause ] >> vice president biden then explained why this time is different. there are some who say why the most powerful voice in this debate belongs to those to save lives. i think they are wrong. this time, this time will not be like times that have come before. newtown has shocked the nation. we are going to take this fight to the halls of congress. we are going to take it beyond that. we are going to take it to the american people. we are going to go around the
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country making our case and let the voices of the american people be heard. >> according to a new nbc news wall street journal poll, 56% of americans say the laws should be made more strict. only 7% say less strict and 74% americans favor a ban on assault weapons 26% oppose that 74% favor a ban on high capacity ammunition magazines 26 oppose. this morning, republican senator marco rubio positioning himself to run for president in 2016 told a lie on fox and friends actually had a follow up question. >> the things that they are
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putting forward would prevent nothing to prevent what happened in connecticut. >> didn't adam lanz sa have a military style assault weapon? >> the gun you used was the most common gun in america and wasn't his, it was his mother's. >> today joe scarboro offered this warning. >> they better be careful. they have wandered in and followed the nra who has made horrible pr mistakes. republicans better be careful and think twice before they make their next move. >> alex wagner you heard me ask for a freeze frame of marco rubio's face when he got a
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challenge from a friend. and on a totally legitimate issue. >> i think it is ridiculous that members of our elect, members of our congress are hiding behind this theory that we haven't defined what an assault weapon is. a bush master weapon is an assault weapon. people in the military say those are the kinds of guns we use when we are fighting wars. >> i think it was interesting that david keeb n defends it saying it has the ability to fire off a lot of rounds quicklism so it would be in convenient to ban it. can you imagine how long it would take to have to change magazine clips? >> my mission for these segments
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that we are doing is to get one truth straight in each segment. let's get it straight that what rubio said is wrong. that what the president is proposing would have changed the outcome, yes the crazy kid would have stolen his mother's gun but his mother would have not been able to obtain the gun and we would not have had 26 tragedies inside that school. he would not have been able to kill that many kids and teachers. >> absolutely. they go after the weapons, the ammunition and the screening which like so many other fields like driving a car which you can also use to kill someone provide protection for the rest of us to
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figure out who is going to be operating dangerous machinery. that is what works and has been a problem in this field. this isn't how it is supposed to work and how it works when we look at other crimes and murder or rape outside of the gun context. no one says that murders will stop every last murder. they are to deal with punitive measures and to prevent they do both. by nra reasoning you would have no speed limit its. not everybody observes the speed limit its. the crack last word graphics team. >> they have the freeze frame. what is this? a follow up from a fox friend and this is a goo wuy who wants be president of the united
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states ronald reagan opposed these assault weapons in clear language. the house caucus are having their retreat today. we heard today there was no talk of guns. i think a lot of republicans want this to go away. the speak aespeaker's office sa there is legislation pulled down we will deal with it then. that minority may be ultrahard-core conservative gun owners that have made this a test or it is the nra but it has put republican ares with an active number of brain cells who wish to see a future of their party who have been painted into
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a corner. >> they are on the wrong side of these polls showing where 74% of the american public is. i think that is where the politics meet the public opinion. we know you have reported on the fact that congress is not a broadly represented institution. republicans are representing these districts. so the response is that our districts say something different. >> and al ex, the thing about this retreat, they are proudly getting it out there. we know they have to have down so privately. but they actually want the public image of no, we haven't said a word bit. >> and actually, in that way, the moderate or centrus democrats in the senate are going to play a huge role in this. can harry reid get this onto the floor?
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and will he be afraid to say no to the nra. >> thank you both. coming up another edition of unmasking the nra the gun money that runs the organization and later, jon stewart and the most famous member of the board of the nra my personal plea is in the rewrite tonight. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. executor of efficiency.
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another episode of unmasking the nra is coming up and 14-year-old video of jon stewart and rosie o'donnell talking about national member of the board tom sell eck are in the rewrite tonight. she knows you like no one else.
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we are asking the president to go through the process. if he thinks this laws are good, then go through congress. he's not a king. >> that is the kind of lie being told by the house of rep t representatives new allen west. this is texas republican named steve stockman. here is what the republican had to say about the issues just seven years ago. >> i think we ought to extend the assault weapons ban and was told the bill was never going to move because republicans and democrats were against the ban. i believe law abideiing scitize
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ought to be able to own a gun. and i believe in back ground check s . and then there was ronald reagan, stephen rosen feld writes.
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and former nixon speechwriter wrote in 1999. >> joining me now joe klein, journalist for time magazine. joe, how did the republicans come to this extremist point from what we have heard to president george w. bush resigning? there are a couple of things going on here. they are coming to an end. which is good news for the rest of us. there has been a 30 year drift
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since reagan to the right in the republican party. reagan when he made those statements didn't have to deal with rush limbaugh. he said something at that point and you also have a natural evolution of special interest groups and it is not just the nra. it is both sides of the abortion debate. it is some of the environmentalists. they take the most extreme position possible in order to raise money from their most devoted ne nat ticks. i know members who resigned in the past year because a lot of the stuff that was coming out from that organization before this election was really vile stuff about the president. and they have gone off the deep end. here is ronald reagan in a 1999
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ceremony. >> i want to tell all of you here today something that i'm not sure you know. you do know that i'm a member of the nra. and my position on the right to bear arms is well-known but i want you to know something else and i'm poing to say it in clear unmistakable language. i support the brady bill and i urge the congress to enact it. >> today you can't get the party that worships that man to say those words. >> that is right. but in the interest of real balance here, first of all, the most important fact about the guns that were used in newtown, is that the shooter had a choice
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of weapons and he did not choose the two deer hunting rifles that were also in the house available to him. so it is very clear what should and should ptnn't be legal. but it is important to note unless we get aheld of the mental health situation in this country. we are going to continue to have these massacres. i know parents of grown children who have had violent tendencies and they live in fear that their kid is going to be the next shooter and they have had no legal recourse. none. we have to be able to protect ourselves from people who have had severe psychological violence and we kcannot have
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weapons lying around the house. >> i believe that the mental health component guarantees us. what is the weapon, how big is the magazine that we want to make easily available to mass murderers what are the tool that is we want to allow them to have? they are going to be out there and be dangerous people. what are the tools we allow them to have? >> thank you for joining me. thank you, joe. >> coming up. the gunmakers who run the nra and the most famous makers of the board tom selleck is in the rewrite tonight. along with great video of jon stewart and rosie o'donnell.
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you just saw how president bush resigned from the nr are a. tonight i will make a personal plea to nr are a member tom selleck to step up and do what common decency demands. that is coming up. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok...
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bi biden. in the spotlight the gun makers the gun industry has it's own lobbying arm which it calls the sna national shooting sports foundation. tragic ironies don't get more tragic than this. they are located in newtown, connecticut. we asked them if they have an office in washington. the gun industry has the nra in washington. in 1999 right wing actor charlton heston told the industry "your fight is our
7:31 pm
fight". in 2005 senator craig helped pass an nra bill protecting gun companies from liabilities if their products were used in a crime. since then the nra has received as much as $38 million from gun makers including beretta usa and block. and today larry craig is now a member of the board of the national rifle association. no word on if he has his own restroom in virginia just across the river from washington d.c. >> he is ceo of murphysboro
7:32 pm
based manufacturing that making a sniper rifle that has a range of a mile and can pierce armor. he gets richer and richer from killi killings in his state. even the bof nor governor of ca thought his product does not belong in a villain hands. pete brownell is the born rich grandson of the founder of the company that is now one of the largest suppliers of firearm parts and accessories. the company has been awarded the ring of freedom.
7:33 pm
still, murder profit tear has claimed that he has no financial interest in the positions of the nra. since 2005, people associated with the company have donated as much as $5 million to the nra. on the board as mepgsed last night is the ceo of the freedom gro group, runs the company that owns remington and bush master and made the rifle used to kill 20 first graders in newtown, connecticut and those that tried to save them. midway usa founded by larry podderfield and his wife brenda who served as vice president of
7:34 pm
the nra board of trustees. the company distributes high capacity magazine clips like the ones used in newtown, connecticut. the company's gratitude to the nra for keeping the products legal has been expressed in more than $7 million in donations. >> frank, this is an ongoing crusade of this show to show who these people are who are paying their salaries and deliver their funds to get the job done. this explains the disconnect that we see. where they are actually polled members didn't he? >> current and former members and gun owners what did his poll
7:35 pm
show? >> the majority of gun owners support a number of restricts including background checks and waiting periods to purchase firearms things that the nra opposed. >> what is your sense of following the bloggers, what is your sense of the memberships experience of this disconnect of what the majority of what they think and what they fight for? >> the majority of members are in the nra not because they share the idealology and those that vote in the board elections those people share it but i think that most members belong to the nra because they are fearful that the nra is poing to
7:36 pm
co going to come and take away their guns. i had a gun owner where he was required to own that weapon. they could bring access to a lot of sporting clubs to pressure members and it is part of a special use surrounding the gun culture. i think most people are in the nr are a because they believe in their view of the ii amendment. the government is going to come and take away their guns. that is a real palpable fear and that is something that can be addressed by the obama administration. if the president could assure gun owners that they are not going to take away their guns. >> people say it all the time. when the president says that, well, we don't believe that. especially since he has been so demon identifieding
7:37 pm
demonising for so long. but i still think. i have a number of friends, i have seen them post on facebook. the government will never come and take my guns. the administration will go further to reassure them. for some of them, it may slow down how many weapons they could buy but at the same time they would still have access to firearms for hunting and self defense. the divide between most gun owners and the nra leadership and the more active members of the nra is that something that they believe but only say in the selective environment is they want to have enough fire power to fight police and military forces. >> frank smyth thank you for
7:38 pm
joining me tonight. some more unmasking of the nr are a is next. tom sellek has been with the nra for years. is he a man of courage or does he just play one on tv? husband. loving father to your children. but first you've got to get him to say, "hello." new crest 3d white arctic fresh toothpaste. use it with these 3d white products, and whiten your teeth in just 2 days. what will a 3d white smile do for you? new crest 3d white toothpaste. life opens up when you do.
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as we reported earlier tom sel selleck is the subject of tonight's editorial. kudos to tom selleck for having the courage to say was we have all been thinking. shooting teaches young people good things and drugs help kids sleep. >> that was 14 years ago and 14 wardrobes ago for jon stewart. woe, he was so cute then. in what you are about to see you will notice that the writing on the daily she was always great. no images of tom selleck and no
7:43 pm
graphic representation of the movie jon stewart mentions without naming the title "planet of the apes". >> if guns were bad would he have names his private i character after one i think not. >> if man were to give up guns and leave in peace pretty soon apes would be running the show. you don't need thumbs to pull a trigger. [ applause ] >> wait, although you do need this finger to show tom selleck what you think about it. >> a month after tom selleck became the poster boy for the nra, two teens walked into a
7:44 pm
school and kills students and teachers. especially when he found himself on the first o'donnell hosted television show. the interview began with tom explaining that he joined the nra months earlier to do that add and then things got interesting fast. >> i think the reason why things are so extreme is because the nra has such a mill stant strength. they have been against every sensible gun law so that children -- >> i'm not a spokesman for the nra. all i can tell you is that i was a member when i was a kid, i was a junior member i learned
7:45 pm
firearms safety and from what i see in the last three months they don't do a lot of stuff that you assume that they do. >> not a spokesman for the nra. but tom wanted none of that. >> but you can't say that guns don't bear a responsibility. >> no, you can't say. >> why would the nra be against assault rifles. this is a gun that those boys brought into a school. why would the nra not say we agree assault weapons are not good. >> but you are their spokesperson. >> i'm not. >> you put your name out. >> don't put words in my mouth. >> now you are questioning my human in the. >> i came on your show to plug a movie. that is what i'm doing here. >> and that is what we do.
7:46 pm
>> do you think it is proper to have a debate about the nra. you are calling me a spokesman for the nra. >> if you are doing the add. >> have you red the adds? >> i read what i say. >> okay. >> well that is an honest actor's response. he is making it clear that the words were written by the nra and he said them. she went onto prove that some h o'donnells can be gracious under fire. >> this is not the way that i had hoped that it has gone. i was happy that you agreed to come on the show. i was meant to bring up the sub subject that it is in the
7:47 pm
consciousness of so many today. >> it is your show and you can talk about it after i leave too. >> i thought i would give you an opportunity to discuss your side oist. obviously it didn't do much good. but the love letter is a greaea movie with kate capshaw. >> i didn't remember that movie either. tom selleck told her quote, i don't hang out with people of the nra that same person who tried to disown the nra 14 years later tom selleck is now a member of the board. so tonight the time has come question his humanity. since then, a madman with unlimited access to guns thanks to tom's work with the nr area
7:48 pm
killed people and set a record for american gun massacres. since then a madman with unlimited access to guns killed six including a 9-year-old girl and wounded 13 in a shopping mall parking lot in arizona. that madman gunned down a member of congress an nra spokesman and board member tom selleck didn't have a word to say about it. and since then, a madman walked into a movie theater in colorado and yu using a 100 round ammunition drum managed to kill 12 and wounding 58 setting a new record
7:49 pm
for total people shot and another madman with easy access to his mother's assault rifle and high capacity ammunition magazines thanks to tom selleck's work with the nra to make those magazines available shot and killed 20 first graders in newtown, connecticut and while he was at it, killed six of the women in that school trying to save those women's lives. and tonight, tom who has played a principled man on tv and in movies, tom selleck, the man who for 14 years who has given his full support to the industry lobbying group that has done everything it can every day to make sure that american mass
7:50 pm
murderers are the best equipped in the world that tom selleck has not had one word to say about what happened at sandy hook elementary so yes, it is time to question tom's humanity is there anything in tom's humanity that recoils at his blood drencheded organization usings president's daughters in their ugly round of propaganda. is that okay with tom? i don't believe it is. he seems like a descent guy. but now we are going to find out how brave he really is. we are doing to find out who he really is. does he have the courage to come forward and say as a father himself that what the nra did,
7:51 pm
what his organization did is unacceptable. he has two kids. they are both adults now. we can all be absolutely certain that if i included their names in what i'm saying here, if i linked tom's kids in anyway to tom's 14 years of work making sure that our mass murderers are so well equipped that tom would beyond outraged. and he would have a right to that pa rental out rage. if and only if he shares this country's outrage with what the blood drenched leaders of the nr are a have done with the president's daughters. so yes, tom, it has come to this. now i'm doing what rosie was
7:52 pm
careful not to do. i'm questioning your humanity. and you are going to gives an answer one way or the other. your continued silence will tell us your just a man in makeup who plays brave men on tv. your silence will prove who you really are. there is no way out of this now tom, this is your moment you can see this i know you can. this is actually the most important moment in your public life. you've been handed the greatest scene of your life a real scene where no one else can write the words but you. you don't have to disown your philosophy about guns you don't have to change your position or any of the president's proposals but human decency demands that
7:53 pm
you step forward and at a minimum condemn what your organization has done this week in dragging the president's daughters into it's propaganda campaign. if you do that, america will have the answer that we are all hoping for about your humanity. and if you don't, then we'll know who you really r we will know that the clowns who wrote the words in that first add that you did for the nra were right and said everything that are i one will need to know about you. we'll know that you tom selleck really are the nra. [ male announcer ] house rule number 46.
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it doesn't look good that was the assessment one congressman gave politico about what lies ahead on day two of a three day retreat. our new poll shows 81% disapprove of the job congress is doing. 49% of a negative view of the republican party. and 47% of a negative view of the tea party while 23% have a positive view of the tea party.
7:58 pm
today strategies were presented for funding the government after the continued resolution expires on march 27th. joining me now, ej i was struck by reports leaking out of republicans being very, very proud that they haven't said a word about a gun legislation and then somebody realized no, no that won't do. now we have leaked from aids saying that the speaker will send anything to the committees which is the least that they should be saying at this point. >> yeah, i think this suggests what a real problem that they
7:59 pm
have. those two numbers that you recited are very important to talk about the catch 22 that the republican party is in. only 23% have a positive view of the tea party. but guess what? those are the people who won't let them move an inch on guns for example or anything else. what the republicans need to do is be more moderate are. they ought to vote for some of this gun legislation. they have to show they stand for more than tax cuts for the rich. they have to understand that they want government to do things like help the hurricane victims which most voted against in the case of sandy. they need more moderate people to vote in the republican primaries.
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